October 16, 2018

One of our friends and early supporters, Kenny Simpson, sent us this image and report from a recent trip to this year's L'Eroica. His tires of choice were 33m Pipistrello, Flying Doctor casing. Everyone thinks "gravel racing" is some new thing, but it's been around for a while. Read Kenny's notes below:

Hi Jonathan,

The 1933 Gloria tipo C performed very well at L'Eroica Giole - 209km,4,000m of climbing and lots of strade bianche- 5am to 5.30pm… a grand day out:-)..

The bike was very stable on the descents and the combination of wooden rims tensioned to @55kgF with the 33C tires @ 45psi front 50 psi rear (the course is a combination of tarmac and white gravel with some very rocky sections, washboarding and potholes) rode smoothly and predictably.I rode with 2 spare tyres just in case but did not need them and no mechanical issues.

The tread on the tyres was perfect for most parts of the course and I did not lose traction on gravel, packed mud etc. However, the tread does appear to have worn a fair bit, and in a few spots got a bit rough at the edges where it meets the casing. It may be worth looking at a slightly harder tread compound for mixed events such as L’Eroica- there were 7,500 people in Gaiole and I got asked quite a few questions sbout my tyres so I think there is a niche for Dugast in the retro/ gravel bike community that could be worth exploring.

Very best regards

Kenny Simpson


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