Joes's Super Sealant

Many of our customers have asked us what sealant we recommend for Dugast tubular tires. As is the case with any handmade tubular tire that has a latex tube inside, this is a tricky one. Having that sealant dry out and fuse the tube together inside your tubular will break your heart. But there are steps you can take to make sure this doesn't happen. First and foremost, use the right sealant.

Joe's brand Super Sealant is the only sealant recommended by the the team in the Netherlands who make Dugast tires, so that's the only one we offer. Single bottles are 125 ml, and should be enough for two 33c cyclocross tires. Use a little bit less for road tires, and a little bit more for MTB tires.

Here are some other tips for maintaining your tires if you are using sealant:

  • always keep your tires aired up, even in storage. Latex tubes "weep" or lose air over time. Check your fleet periodically and keep them aired up
  • store your wheels on hooks hanging up. This way, if the tubes lose air, they will still keep their shape, rather than if they are on the ground.
  • it is possible to use a sealant syringe to "suck" the sealant out of the tire through the valve at the end of the season, which will reduce the risk of the sealant pooling in one spot and drying out during storage.