Ernst Cyclocross Tubular Tire

The Ernst is an exclusive A. Dugast prototype mud tire that is available in limited quantities. Top riders like Sven Nys and Wout Van Aert were looking for a tread that sheds mud like nothing else out there. Dugast took the Ernst mountain bike race tire and trimmed the tread down to fit a UCI-legal 33 mm casing. The result is a tread with "moto" style square knobs that have so much space between them, there is virtually no place for mud to stick to. Side knobs are more or less hand trimmed to ensure the tire meets UCI measurements. JP says: I can think of a handful of the darkest, deepest, muddiest races I did when these would have been a secret weapon, but we didn't have them back then. I'm a little bit jealous.

Offered in two (2) casing options: traditional Cotton Casing for the smoothest and most supple ride, and Flying Doctor Casing, which is slightly stiffer, more durable, and about 10 grams lighter. Flying Doctor allows lower pressure without having the feeling that the tire will roll or collapse in the corners.

Both casing options include the Dugast Neoprene sidewall treatment, which means you don't have to seal the sidewalls with Aquasure.