Pipisquallo Cyclocross Tubular Tire

Pipisquallo is the evolution of a pure file tread pattern of the previous Pipstrello, but with more aggressive side knobs. This is the chosen tire on the infamous sandy courses in Europe such as Koksijde, but also a valuable tire in your quiver for the fastest courses where you are ok with hanging it all out there for maximum speed. JP says: Loose is fast, and on the edge of out-of-control!

Offered in two (2) casing options: traditional Cotton Casing for the smoothest and most supple ride, and Flying Doctor Casing, which is slightly stiffer, more durable, and about 10 grams lighter. Flying Doctor allows lower pressure without having the feeling that the tire will roll or collapse in the corners.

Both casing options include the Dugast Neoprene sidewall treatment, which means you don't have to seal the sidewalls with Aquasure.